Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rage on Rags

For a person who is dedicated to adding a personal touch to his or her house, rugs are important. With the simplicity that it have, rugs are adding a touch of style without us noticing it. Do we even know that:

1.       Rugs provide our home a touch of coziness?
o   Rugs accentuate the beauty of our house, making it more homey and pleasant to stay at.
2.       Rugs help in separating areas in our house?
o   Rugs help in defining spaces in our home through its geometric patterns. It’s safe to say that because of rugs, some of the areas in our house look more spacey and large.
3.     Rugs distract people from the defects of the flooring?
o   Scuffs on the floor make the house owner itch to repair it every time it catches the eye. But repairing it, most especially if you are on a tight budget should not be an option. Instead of scouting for home repair services, it would be more practical if you would just buy a rug to conceal your flooring’s defects.
4.       Rugs accent a wall or a furniture color?
o   Rugs can be a decoration that can complement our furnishings and walls. You just have to choose the right rug that will go well with the interiors of your house.
    5.       Rugs protect your floor from dings?
  o   Moving of some furniture from one place to another may create scratches on your flooring. By putting a rug under heavy furniture, you can already protect your floor from having eye-irritating dings. Also, rugs can make it easier for you to transfer heavy furniture by just sliding it.
    6.       Rugs make your flooring pleasant to walk on?
  o   Your feet would definitely love a soft rug more than hard flooring or a cold tile.

Rugs are often overlooked by people, disregarding the little help that it gives to our house. But we at Fantastic Rugs know that a rug is not just a rug. A rug is something that is essential to have in every home. You just need to find the perfect ones. To help you find the rugs of your taste, you may browse through our products.

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