Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wools: High-Traffic Area Rugs

Rugs do not only give warmth and cosiness to our rooms – rugs also connect us to our space. When buying this piece of art, we should always remember that rugs should be treated as a textile product.  Thus, the furry things under our feet should also be cleaned and maintained. However, one may formulate an argument about the real purpose of rugs. Of course, rugs do not need to be flawless and they are meant to be used. Perhaps, the best way to answer this juxtaposition is to put the perfect rug in the best area.

Choosing the right rug for your home’s high-traffic areas such as living room, where you entertain your guests, and dining room, where you serve your specialities to your guests can be considered as an investment. Doing so means that you choose a rug that is durable and will surely last. For us, wools are the best material that can be used in areas where people walk to and fro. Why? Because:

  • Wools can be easily cleaned.  Wools are stain resistant. Furthermore, they contain natural oils that can prevent dirt from adhering to the yarn. However, using it for a long time may change its appearance. Using a vacuum cleaner, you can already get rid of the dirts and residues that are stuck in a wool rug. But if you feel that using a vacuum cleaner is not enough, you can try using dry extraction powders. On the other hand, it is not advisable to use cleaning solvents when cleaning a wool rug. Scrubbing the rug excessively and letting it be soaked for a long time in a cleaning solvent will damage its quality.
  • Wools make us feel luxurious. If luxury is the only consideration in choosing the perfect rug for your high-traffic areas, perhaps, silk is the best answer that you may think of. On the contrary, people should avoid using silk rugs in their living room because of a number of reasons. Aside from the fact that silks are not durable, silks are too soft and smooth that it may cause an accident to the person who would walk over it.
  • Wools are fire resistant. You may wonder why this quality of the wool is included here in the list. I will explain why. Most of the time, our living rooms and dining rooms have several windows. The windows let the rays of sunshine pass through our house. By using a rug that is fire resistant, you can be at peace that nothing bad will happen to your house while you are away.
  • Wools are cosy. Lastly, wools are made of continuous fibre loops that provides warmth to our feet. Naturally, our reason for buying a rusg is to treat our feet and avoid the feeling of stiffness.

Now that we know that wools are the best rugs for your living room and dining room, let us take a quick look at these fantastic wool rugs that will perfectly suit your taste:

It is also good to take note that it’s better to choose dark-coloured rugs for your high-traffic areas. A plain black rug is good but a patterned rug is better because the illusions of the fabric will definitely hide the dirt.

If  you want to  know more about rugs and what rugs are best for the other areas of your home, you may find this article interesting.

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