Thursday, January 2, 2014

Keeping It Classy with Traditional Rugs

By now, we are all aware that rugs play different roles in making our homes more comfortable to live in. The fabric contributes to the design of our abode, while making the place look larger. It keeps our feet warm. Rugs come in all different sizes, textures and materials. For some, the best rug is still the traditional type.

Traditional rugs originated from central and western Asia. This type of rug was used to cover beaten-earth floors. As time moved on, the fabric was utilised to cover the floors of houses and tents. Gradually, traditional rugs were also used to cover floorings of mosques and palaces, which are considered holy places. By then, the rug was already considered as a piece of fabric that symbolised status in society.

To date, traditional rugs are used to define luxury. Using a traditional rug inside your home will give everyone the impression that you are a person of great taste. In fact, traditional rugs are often included in wills and are considered as an item of fantastic value.

  It’s needless to say that traditional rugs are classy. The colours used in making these rugs are subtle enough to create a refined look in any room or hallway. Any area will surely look sophisticated when accented with a traditional rug. Furthermore, the rug is designed to look timeless. The design of traditional rugs can blend with any kind of furniture, complimenting any area to create a statement of its own.
    They are a piece of art. A truly traditional rug is meticulously made by hand. The fabric is intricately produced, giving attention to fine details. The design of these rugs is often associated with nature and geometric motifs. Some traditional rugs are now machine made. Nevertheless, the rugs still tend to boast more intricate details and colours over their modern counterparts.
They are very versatile. Traditional rugs can be used as a centrepiece in any room or strategically placed to blend with other designs around the home. Traditional rugs can offer the perfect accent to any room.
They provide multi-sensory comfort and relaxation. Most traditional rugs are made with the finest fabrics. There is no doubt why these rugs provide a different kind of softness underfoot. The fabric tends to be thicker and can be contributory in making any room sound-proof. Furthermore, the thickness of traditional rugs can also retain the temperature in a room, keeping it cosy.

Traditional doesn’t necessarily mean old fashioned. Our Traditional Rugs are hand crafted, yet made from modern fabrics. We can ensure that the traditional rugs we have to offer will blend seamlessly into the latest designs and popular trends.

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