Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Difference Between Wool and Synthetic Rugs

For high traffic areas, the most common choices for rugs are wool rugs and synthetic rugs. Both have the qualities that can endure the usual stress that rugs get from the frequent dirt and walks of shoes and feet. However, it is also important to note that wool and synthetic rugs have differences.


Wool rugs are usually hand-made and are a popular choice of homeowners for their living room, dining room and other high traffic areas because:

  1. Wools are water repellent. It will take quite some time before water penetrates the fabric of the wool rug.
  2. Wools are fire-resistant. Wools rugs are naturally fire-resistant and don’t require special treatment to be non-flammable. When it gets close to a light, it doesn’t flare up and cause damage to anyone or anything in your home. This is also the exact reason why firemen wear wool uniforms.
  3. Wools are static-resistant. In an area where there are more feet walking, static is more likely to become present. This can also be associated with wools being fire-resistant -- if one is walking across a wool-carpeted area, he or she is less likely to get shocked when his or her skin gets direct contact to a grounded object that may cause fire.
  4. Wools are durable. Wools are resistant to the stresses and strains compared to other types of rugs because it is resists friction. This is because wool consists of fibres that are made up of rather stretchable coil springs that are less likely to break.

Aside from being water-repellent, fire-resistant, static-resistant and durable, wools are also considered as a good insulator if you want to avoid noise in an area. Wool rugs absorb sounds and reduce the level of noise. This is the same reason why wools are used in offices, restaurants and other establishments were a number of people are always present.


Synthetic rugs are the convenient version of wools, only they are machine-made and comprises of plastic. If you want to cut down on your budget and yet want to achieve the same results that wool can offer, synthetic rugs are the best option for you. However, it is important to take note that synthetic rugs will require you to tend to your rugs more for cleaning and maintenance. Unlike wools that are made of natural fibres, synthetic rugs are made of plastic that hold odour like no natural fibres can.


The answer will depend on your budget. Logically, hand-made rugs such as wool rugs will cost you more than machine-woven rugs like synthetic rugs. Another factor to be considered is the environment that you have at home. If you have pets that are not potty-trained, it is expected that you will have a problem with synthetic rugs because it contains jutes.

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