Monday, January 6, 2014

Extend the Life of Your Wool Rugs

Just like any other investments, rugs should be taken care of if you want them to last longer. Fortunately enough, your wool rugs are easier to clean because wool rugs are dirt-resistant in composition. Wools fibres are opaque and dirt doesn’t show as much as with some clearer, brighter man-made fibres. It’s true that wools are probably one of the most cost-effective types of rugs because they are easy to maintain. However, that fact doesn’t exclude the need of cleaning them once in a while.

Some people say that vacuum has the most damaging effect on rugs. High powered vacuums can even pull the threads out of the back of rugs and cause sprouts to appear. But for wool rugs, that is not the case. Vacuuming your wool rugs twice a week will save you the penny to buy new one. However, for other rugs, it can still be advised to use vacuum cleaners for as long as the beater bars in the cleaner are removed.

Another way of taking care of your rugs is by becoming sensitive about the dirt that your rugs get. If your kids or pets had soiled your rugs, be sure to clean the dirt rightaway. Or in other cases, if the stain is caused by foods, scoop up the food residues and try to absorb the liquids the moment they spill onto your rug. It’s important to note that you should only use a paper towel or cloth to blot stains. Letting the stain dry on your rug will cause you extra work will only damage your rug -- both causes additional bother to us.

Steaming can be a very effective way for wool cleaning. By letting the steam get into the fibres of your wool, the residues or dirt will let loose on the fibres of your rug. This can make your rug extra easy to clean. Furthermore, it is strongly discouraged that you rub your rugs because it can cause pilling and matting. It’s not advisable to soak your wool rugs in water. Wool rugs have fibres that can absorb more water than synthetic fibres. Soaking them and then letting them dry would take time. Wool rugs will become evidently heavy as well. Excess soap and water can ruin your rug, too.

Every rug owner should know the practice of rotating their rugs 180 degrees every six months to ensure even wear. Exposure to direct sunlight will always be a factor to consider when placing a rug in a room. Rotating the rug will help your rug looks balanced in colour. Besides, all fibres, dyed or un-dyed will normally change over time.

But above all these, it’s safe to say that the easiest, safest and effective deep cleaning solution for any type of area rugs is to have them rolled up and taken away for cleaning by experts.  Not all wool rugs are the same for they have different fibre thickness. The best way to extend the life of your rugs is by reading the cleaning instructions for your rugs carefully before setting up the piece of art in any area of your room.

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