Thursday, January 2, 2014

Runner Rugs

Runner rugs are used in narrow spaces such as hallways and stairs. This type of rug is made greater in length than width. To give the people a platform to the place where you want them to lead to, a runner rug is best to be used. It leads the eyes of the visitors to certain places in your home.


While both area rugs and runner rugs give a touch of colour to a pale room, the two have differences. One is that area rugs are made to be under certain furniture to group them together and make them look like they belong together in an area. Runner, on the other hand, is a rug that leads the people to the narrow spaces of the house such as stairs and hallways. Basically, the size of area rugs and runners defines the difference between the two. Area rugs are usually made to be of any size but mostly square while runners are made in a rectangular form and narrowly to fit perfectly in a limited space of a room.


Generally, runners compliment wood flooring to contrast the colour of the floor and furniture. This type of carpeting can add a decorative element to hardwood made floors while making them warmer and comfortable to walk on. Even basements and wooden stairs that are not carpeted can be improved through using runners. However, runners can be used not only on wooden floors but also on the following areas of your home:

  1. Kitchen - Since the space in the kitchen is also limited, floor runners can do its wonders by fitting nicely down the length of your cabinet or counter space. While the floor is being maximised in appearance, the runners can also provide a cushioned area for your feet to stand on when washing dishes or preparing food.
  2. Bedroom - We all know that area rugs are the most common decoration used in beautifying the room space. However, because of its size, so much of the rug ends up hidden under the bed making some parts of the design unseen. Alternatively, the long and skinny shape of runners makes it perfect to be used in bedrooms. Runners can be used on one side of the bed or even on both sides of the bed if the bed is positioned in the centre of the room. Furthermore, runners will surely keep your feet cosy by providing a warm landing in the morning.
  3. Walk-in closets. Typical walk-in closets are “mini-rooms” that fit two people at max. Runners are perfect for this kind of mini-room for it creates a focal point underfoot that suggests the space feel like a “real room.” The runner will draw attention away from its small size creating an illusion that the closet is spacey.

For a room that needs decorating, adding a rug will be the perfect and most cost-effective answer. Through using runners, your hallway or corridor will not look empty or barren anymore. 

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