Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shaggy Rugs Pros and Cons

In the modern era, a contemporary look in home decor is in trend and shaggy rugs will make an excellent accessory to any modern dwelling. Shaggy rugs are available in a wide array of colours according to your taste and home design; they are the perfect companion to the quintessential sofa or couch.

Shaggy rugs or shaggy carpet are aptly named after their ‘shaggy’ appearance. A shaggy rug has gained in popularity, as it provides a very soft feel underfoot. It gives any room a very cosy feel. Available in a variety of fibres including wool, acrylic or cotton, shaggy rugs are also sold in long, short and mini versions. The distinguishing features of the shaggy rug are the long yarn fibres that are attached to the back of the carpet, giving it an irregular pattern.

Plush Feel 

Shaggy rugs have a very soft feel giving you a ‘walking on air’ feel. The long, fibrous strands collectively make for a cosy and inviting atmosphere in the room.


With their growing popularity, shaggy rugs are readily available and a regular among other varieties stocked by many stores, including Fantastic rugs.
Durability and Style

Shaggy rugs are well suited to areas that are frequently in use and that receive high traffic. Wool shaggy rugs are durable, naturally stain resistant and insulating. Insulation provides warmth during the winter and a cool haven during the summer to give respite from the heat. Shaggy rugs have a unique quality and serve as a focal point in contemporary modern living.


Proper Care

Shaggy rugs are high maintenance, as dirt easily sticks to the long strands of yarn on the carpet. Regular vacuuming in between the fibres, row by row, may become a necessity in order to work out any dust or dirt from the middle of the rug. The trick is to remove spills and stains immediately in order to maintain and protect the rug.

Frequent Shedding and Yellowing

Shaggy rugs are crafted out of long strands of fibre.  Prone to shedding, shaggy rugs will initially lose some of their fibres. The shedding diminishes over a period of frequent use. Wool shaggy rugs can yellow over time from exposure to sunlight, certain detergents or due to the latex that binds them together. Bleaching may solve this problem or the use of hydrogen peroxide but it would be more advisable to seek the help from a carpet cleaning expert.

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