Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why are Rugs Good for Wall Hanging?

Hanging of rugs on the walls is not a new trend. However, the application of rugs for wall hanging has expanded over time. Aside from the many things that a rug does to our house flooring, it can also be used for hanging. Here are the reasons why:

  1. They can be used as an art. Opting for rugs instead of expensive paintings is a good idea if you are a practical person. A fine art can be expensive and many people would not probably opt to spend lots of cash just to buy something that they will just hang on their walls. One painting costs twice or thrice the price of an elegant rug.
  2. They create an instant focal point in the room. Instead of putting your rugs on the floor, hanging it on the wall may create a better decoration in your house. Hanging a rug behind a furniture that you fancy will make the furniture more outstanding and appealing to the eyes of your visitors. Rugs add up to your house’s friendly atmosphere, too!
  3. They can be used to customise your room. There are some rugs that appear to be too good to just set our feet upon. We sometimes have a feeling that certain rugs are not okay to be soiled by our feet. However, rugs don’t always have to stay on the floor. You can try adding some personal touch to your room by hanging your rugs instead of just putting them on the floor.
  4. Rugs can be used to reduce noise levels. Who would’ve thought that the most overlooked thing in the house can be useful in reducing noise? Because of its thickness, a rug absorbs the sound waves better than plain walls. Rugs are useful, most especially if you are living in a crowded apartment. Amazing, right?

In line with these, we included some of the rugs which we think will look good on your walls:

This Funk Rug Multi will surely blend with a white walled room with minimalist-designed set of furniture. The funky bright colours will create a lighter mood to a plain room.

On the other hand, this Bob Marley rug will fit well to break the colour of any dark painted room walls. The design of the rug will without a doubt complement your music room.

This Harlequin Bamboo rug is indeed a great wall decoration that will add a cozy feel to your place.

To find more of these decorative rugs, please feel free to browse on our page and check out the rugs that we offer!

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