Friday, February 7, 2014

Understanding the Traditional Rug Patterns and Designs

It has already been proven that traditional rug patterns and designs are timeless and eternal. The demand for these products is not declining and will not be declining anytime soon. Because of the beauty that it has that transcends time and the radical changes that have come with the modernisation of the human race; the value of these rugs and carpets has continuously been growing. But do we really understand the intricate designs behind these rugs and carpets?

The patterns and designs that traditional rugs possess have not changed that much since the time they were invented. In fact, these traditional designs have remained in the industry today. But what does these designs really mean?

  • A flower or a plant in the centre of the rug. This design is basically prominent in the Middle Eastern culture where deserts are common. The flower, most commonly a lotus, represents the value of water. Water is one of the most valued commodities in this area and flowers represent how this commodity is revered in these areas.
  • Complex borders surrounding the rug or carpet. As we all know, carpets or rugs have also been used for religious ceremonies and practices like praying. The borders surrounding a carpet or rug represent the protection that the carpet gives to the user while praying on it.
  • An “X” or a flower with 8 petals. Having an “X” in the middle of your carpet or a flower bearing 8 petals as the main attraction of your carpet design represents the directions of the world. Ancient people regarded travelling so much that they value these directions and applied it to the designs of their carpets.
Aside from these, there are other designs that traditional rug and carpet makers have used in their work. Most of the time, traditional rugs feature symbolisms referring from a small scale plan up to the whole of the universe. But symbolisms and meaning of these rugs were not limited to their designs; colours were actually used to add to the meaning and value of these carpets.

These rugs provide diversity in the market and offer prestige and glamour to the common modern choices in the market. Traditional rugs are never out of style. This is the reason why many shops like Fantastic Rugs still offer high quality traditional rugs to the market.

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